Last week I gave an interview for the Perhaps some of the issues raised here will be of interest to you.

- First stage of CoArt includes the introduction of a marketplace. Which options does it imply?

DS: Thanks to the ongoing NFT revolution, digital art has acquired the…

The works by Jeremy Wolff (

What is happening in the Art world? Behind the fence of this shining Disneyland stands a huge number of people who want to participate but are not invited to this Party.

First of all, it is the artists themselves. Inspired by Contemporary Art’s booming of previous decades, many young people…

Manifesto 2.0

This is strange, but artists, as direct producers of art objects, are still separated from active participation in the art market. Except for several Contemporary Art megastars, promoted by a small group of established mega dealers, they still do not participate in the Art Market system as owners…

Without even waiting for the results of Art Basel Miami, we can call Larry Gagosian the central Star of the Art market of the outgoing year, right?

Michael Shnayerson’s book, “Boom: Mad Money, Mega Dealers, and the Rise of Contemporary Art”, published in May, is dedicated to Larry personally and…

Dimitri Sloboda

Founder at CoArt blockchain platform.

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