The first ever self-evolving charitable Art NFT Auction is our Christmas gift to Humanity.

10,000 crypto-fractions of Miss Frais’ painting “YEARS OF LOVE” (2020, 36 x 72 in, Mixed media on Canvas) is the unique endlessly working charitable system.
This NFT Art Object is as different from others as Bitcoin is from other coins, just as 10,000 CryptoPunks are different from the new PFP NFT series appearing daily.
For the first time in the history of the Art Market, a physical painting of a contemporary artist is not simply NFT-certified but cryptographically divided into 10,000 fractions that can be freely traded on the secondary market separately from the Art Object itself.

Even more, each transaction associated with any of the crypto fractions will generate new charitable contributions, programmed on the level of our underlying blockchain architecture’s royalty mechanism. All of the primary sale funds will go to the people in need who will be chosen by the donors themselves — the tokenholders who buy the crypto fractions of the work.

In fact, we are talking about creating a specialized DAO, whose members will vote for connecting new and new beneficiaries to the charitable system, as long as financial contributions to the first people in need are collected in the right amount. In doing so, a small royalty from each transaction will also go to the artist who fully donated her work for the first NFT Art Charity Auction!

Anyone wishing to participate in this charity marathon simply buys a few fractions, resells them with a profit, and in doing so automatically donates a portion of the purchase price to specific people in need. This can go on indefinitely because this painting is the first physical ART NFT in the world created specifically for charity!

So, why will the price go up, you may ask? Yes, exactly because this painting is the FIRST ONE EVER! Every day dozens of new NFT series and lots of new coins are dropped into the market, but the minimum price of CryptoPunk available for purchase is still going up, and so is Bitcoin. Why?
Oh yes, because they were the first ones. They weren’t a copy or an imitation of someone else. Likewise, our Art NFT Charity campaign is the first of its kind. A new level of transparency and convenience for the entire charity industry! Will crypto fractions of the first physical work donated by an artist with a big heart grow in value? Just ask yourself!

You can now reserve some of the fractions for yourself at a special price! Reservations are available until January 18, the launch date of the CoArt NFT Marketplace.

To view the painting in detail and explore Miss Frais’ work, we invite you to our VR Museum, the central building of the first iteration of the CoArt NFT Metaverse. For an invitation link to the Miss Frais exhibit at VR Museum, please send me a private message and I’ll share it with you!



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